Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner with our Buddies

Let's chow down!
Every Friday the boys and get to have dinner with our friends Kaylee, Caleb and Ethan. Last week we had ravioli, veggies and pudding for dessert. Caleb and Matthew are both the same age. So, usually that means the same type of mess. So, I had to take pictures because they were so funny. I love these kids.

"No, no this is how you get messy!" Kaylee and Jason want some

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I took this picture yesterday before Matthew, Gavin and I went to the grocery store. I wonder if Matthew is trying to let me know that I am a bad driver. He wore his rain boots(even when there was not a cloud in the sky) and his bike helmet to Fred Meyer. Matthew would not let me take it off. Matthew was excited to see Grandma at the store too.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jason is just so awesome

Yesterday I was watching the show Maternity Ward or something like that on the Discovery channel. They were talking about how this lady was going to have a premature baby. I am always interested in listening because Jason was a preemie. I was listening and heard the ob tell the reporter or who ever it was that they do not allow super preemies to be born breeched (especially ones that are born butt first) because their heads are the biggest part of their bodies and the head will get stuck in cervix and die. Which was such an eye opener to me. For those reading this and do not know Jason was born at home (NOT PLANNED) 13 weeks early. Brian helped deliver him. Jason was born breeched butt first. I feel so blessed that nothing happened to him during the birthing process. He is truly our little miracle.They told us that he had 70-80% of surviving, but he had to make it past the first 48 hours. They told us that he would a ton of medical and developmental problems if he did live. Well, I guess he proved them wrong he only currently suffers from asthma which is not too bad. I am so thankful for all the doctors and nurses that worked around the clock and so hard to keep him alive.
p.s. sorry for the small pictures just click on them and they bigger.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Gavin is nine weeks old!

Gavin is getting so BIG! Yesterday we went to an appointment and the nurse told me that is 13 pounds. He such a chunk! Gavin is sleeping so well now sometimes it is scary. The last few nights he has woken up only twice. Gavin goes to bed by 9 and he wakes up to eat at 2 and then again around 5 which is when i need to start thinking about waking up. So you could say he is my alarm clock without a snooze button. He is doing so well at raising his head off the floor. He is our first to really enjoy tummy time. He loves to watch me vacuum the floors he will follow the light on the vacuum. Time just goes by so fast! I am working on enjoying every minute I have with our boys. Sometimes it is a little more stressed then others, but they are fun to be with.
I know it looks like he does not like tummy time here it is only because Matthew was climbing on him to get in the picture too. So here is Matthew too.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gavin blessing outfit

Gavin Blessing outfit

I think this outfit is just too cute. I have added these pictures of Gavin in his blessing outfit. Don't look at the one with me too close Brian too it when I was not ready!

posting at last

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Posting at last

It has been way too long since I last blogged, so instead of writing a super long blog of what has happened in our family over the last few weeks. I have decided to give the Readers Digest version of the last month.
Last month we received over 18 inches of snow. Which is not too bad if you live in a place where they are ready for it. TOO bad Oregon City is not. So, we stayed in our house for almost two weeks only leaving for a couple of days when it was not snowing to get the things we needed. It's funny of all the important things a mom would need, I kept forgetting to buy more diapers for our baby. Thank goodness for our Grandpa and Uncle Josh. So, after 18 inches of snow you would think we were done oh no then came the ice storm which did not work too well with the trees around here. I am suppose to be making this short sorry. A tree fell on the power line and broke IT. So, we were without power for four days. It went out Sunday Dec. 21 morning and came back on late Wed. night. Yes Santa gave electricity for our Christmas present along with our daddy. We spent the four days at our Grandparents house in front of their fireplace trying to stay warm. We are so grateful for John (Grandpa) for working all day and night to keep the fire going so we would stay warm.
The boys and I went almost a whole week without a Shower it was so gross. Thanks to Ellie and Josh for letting us clean up at their place we were nice and clean for Christmas Eve.
We had a wonderful Christmas Brian was able to make it home on the 24th which was awesome. We had prayed he would, but we were no sure with all the bad weather. We spent Christmas Eve at Josh and Ellie's. Gavin was able to be blessed while Brian was here. It was so awesome because Gavin go to wear the same blessing outfit that Brian wore when he was a baby. The older boys loved hanging out with Brian. Well that is our Christmas break in a nut shell. We will always remember the Christmas we almost had no electricity, no showers, and no heat, but we had each other and that is truly what Christmas is all about.