Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Week of First Things

We have had one crazy week of firsts in our little family. They go as follows:

Jason and Matthew: Learned that we can get bloody noses when one kicks the other in the face, even if he the one kicking is only two. This is why.

Jason: Had his first spelling test today, well it was like a pre-test if you got all the words right then there is no test on Monday. He missed one.

Matthew:got his first sit n' spin both boys really enjoyed it.

Gavin: have found his thumb. I am working on having him not
suck on his thumb. I can take away a pacifier, but a thumb is a little harder. I have also started Gavin on solids this week. It has worked wonders. He was ready for them. This is the earl
iest I have ever started any of my kids on solids, but waking up every other hour to eat was taking a toll on me. And I figured what is really a week in half. He will be four months soon. So, on Monday I started giving him some rice cereal mixed with like 95% of my milk.He is now back to waking up once during the night which is awesome!! Gavin is staying up all morning but, I don't care because I am not trying to sleep during the morning hours. He really likes the cereal, he knows that when the spoon comes near his mouth he needs to open it for some food. I don't know why I did not take the Grandmas advice with my other kids.

I have personal learned with Gavin to trust my mother's instinct. With my oldest I did everything by the book or as well as one can with a Preemie. Then, with Matthew I used it a little less and now with Gavin I don't even know where I put the baby book. I think with every child you learn more and more to go with the wonderful spirit that our Father in Heaven has given us. I am relaxing more with my kids, for the first six months it was a little difficult trying to adjust to be both mom and dad. We sure can't wait for Brian to come home in August. We love him so much.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gavin's bath

This is for our daddy who is in Arizona, sorry about the nudity.

Gavin Blessing outfit Video

I thought i would experiment with the video feature

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gavin is three months old

Gavin turned three months old the same day that Matthew turned 2 years old. Gavin is getting so big. I thought I would take a few minutes and update his progress. He can now tolerate being on his stomach. For the first few months he did not really like it. But, I don't know that any of our kids really enjoyed being on their stomach. But, tummy time is very important. So, they adjust to it in the end. He can hold his head up for like 10 minutes which I think is so awesome. Gavin is putting himself to sleep. Usually after a little rocking and a song I put him bed and he falls asleep on his own. He usually goes to sleep for the night around 8:30 and he will sleep until 2:00ish for a feeding and won't wake up again until 5:30 or 6:00. He has the cutest smile. I believe he is very unique he has one eye that is not all the way blue. It is hard to explain, but a quarter of one eye is brown and the rest is blue. He will have this the rest of his life. I will try to take a picture so it can been seen better. It is not serious, but he will have to see the eye doctor throughout his life just to make sure it does not become cancerous, because like less than 5% do. He also has an astigmatism in each eye that will be corrected when he can wear contacts. I just love this little boy.

Can you guess who I am?

Our two younger boys look a lot alike. I was looking for some pictures to put on the blog and I almost got the two boys mixed up. Can you guess who is Gavin and who Matthew?

Matthew's 2nd Birthday

Last Friday we celebrated Matthew's 2nd birthday. Wow, time sure goes fast! He has grown up so quickly. We had Kaylee and Caleb over for the birthday party. Mainly, we just had pizza, fruit and cupcakes. Matthew got an awesome puzzle and a big wheel. I should know that one big wheel four children trouble. Everyone wanted to use it. Oh, well. Matthew had so much help opening his presents. Jason and Kaylee were so eager to help him. Here are some pictures of the birthday. The helpers My First Bike