Friday, March 11, 2011

Our little Four Eyes!

Earlier this month Gavin was diagnosed with Accommodative Esotropia. Which in lame terms, " lazy eye". So, our Dr. told us that he would need glasses. This was not a shock to me I had done research before we went in for our visit. I just knew that something was wrong and we needed to get it looked at.
So, for a couple of weeks before our visit I went glasses shopping. Can I just tell everyone that looking for durable glasses for a two year old is nearly impossible. We looked at Costco and Walmart (they are the cheapest) with no luck. But, we found some that I hope will work, at least for a while.
He looks so cute with his little glasses on. His eyes aren't perfect with them on, but I hope they will get there. If not, then he will be patched, which is no big deal. I am just so happy that now he can finally see. He is very Farsighted. In fact he is actually willing to do some art projects with us now, before he wouldn't I just thought it wasn't his thing. But, now with his glasses he wants color and paint with Matthew. It helps that he can actually see what he is doing. After we left Dr. Boch's his first little sentence was, "Mom I can see". Which is major, becuase Gavin does not talk a whole lot. He is just do dang cute.