Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Parenting: Touching the Hearts of Our Youth

This is an awesome video. Someone once told me, "if you don't listen to the little things your child tells you, when the big things come around they will not tell you." I am not perfect, we are working on this everyday. I hope all will enjoy this great talk from Elder Hales.

Parenting: Touching the Hearts of Our Youth

Our Next Home

I know this is super early, but I am going to start making my list of what I want in our next home. I am sure I am thinking about it more because is it so HOT. And we have no A/C. This is the first time since we left Utah like 9 years ago that we have not had A/C. This is also the very last time I will ever live in a home without it. The heat makes me so grumpy. I should be a joy to around in like 10-15 years.
So, this is mainly for me but any can read it. With residency less than two years away I have decided that it is never too early to start my list.
  • A/C is a must, or we will have to live in a place like Alaska where it doesn't matter.
  • I want a bigger kitchen. What is wrong with my I keep picking places with Kitchens fit for a family of two.
  • Walk in pantry. I have three/four hungry boys/man and have no where to put all the food they eat.
  • Lastly, I want my own bathroom. There is nothing nicer than when you are trying to get ready for the day and there is water splatted all over the mirror, or toothbrushes laid all over the counter. I love my boys, I just need a little space now and than.
Okay this list is short but I will be adding to it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Making Ice Cream

Today Jason and Kaylee made ice cream. I have been wanting a ice cream maker for a while now. But, I just have not brought myself to by one. I decided to use what we have at home, minus the rock salt. Who ever has rock salt readily available. We were going to make some for all the kids. Then as we were getting things ready I decided that this would just be a big kid activity. I am so glad I did. Like less than a couple of minutes into it. I ended up doing all the shaking. Kaylee and Jason decided that it was too cold for them. Oh well, it was fun anyway it also tasted alright I was surprised.. On a side note I am glad the little kids forgot about making ice cream when they woke up from their naps. (thank goodness for Dora Popsicle)