Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gavin is officially in Nursery

Today was Gavin's first official day in Nursery. Before today I would take him for just an hour either for Sunday School or YW's. But, after a wonderful most eventful Sacrament Meeting I decided that he was close enough (Friday he will be 18 months) and he was going to Nursery. Besides today was Ward Conference and I really wanted to attend the meetings. The, teacher informed me that right after he left he went straight over to Matthew and gave him a big bear hug. I wish we had our camera, but who brings a camera to church? We were told Gavin hugged Matthew for like 5 minutes! Matthew was okay with it for a minute. Than, I guess he got annoyed with it and tried to get Gavin off him. Too bad for Matthew that Gavin weighs almost as much as he does. During lesson time Gavin also grabbed hold of Matthew's ear and would not let go. I am glad that Gavin and Matthew get this chance to be in Nursery together. It saves the teacher from bringing Gavin to me and then me taking him back and playing this yo-yo game. I love my kids I enjoyed having a whole two hours at church to actually listen to the lesson. I have not had that since we had Matthew three years ago. I am going to bring my camera next week until than this picture will have to work.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I am back yet again.

I have been really bad about keeping up with this blog. It is very hard when our computer is in the same room as Gavin. I am looking forward to when we can have this room empty or when we have a bigger home with a family room where we can put our computer. Until, than I will just have to suck it up!
We have been super busy over the last few months. I am not going to sit here and type out everything we have done. But, I thought it would be nice to post some pictures of our adventures during our wonderful spring break.
We started off with a visit to the ER. Gavin tried to stand up on the armrest of our rocker. He ended up falling off and hitting his head on the fireplace. He left with three staples. He was so brave he did not even cry when they put them in. However, he did cry after he really wanted to play with the staple gun thing and anything else he could get his hands on (ER rooms are very interesting for a toddler).We also had a wonderful visit from the Easter bunny. I just have to say it is very interesting doing the Easter bunny thing with such a big age gap. But we made it fun for everyone. The Easter bunny sent a very important message from Captain Keys of Halo. The boys had to find the Halo guys.( I know I am going to mess up this whole Halo thing but hey I am a girl in a boy's world here). It was a ton of fun watching all the boys work together. This is a picture of the letter that the boys received during their Easter hunt. I hope it turns out alright.We also tried some new recipes. One was called Red Velvet Oreo. I don't know why I use Red Velvet cake mix with three boys. I just like using Resolve and cleaning up red dye from the carpet. Below is what your one year old might look like after eating a Red Velvet Oreo.Or this.
Well, I hope to repent become a better blogger however, there are no promises here.