Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gavin is officially in Nursery

Today was Gavin's first official day in Nursery. Before today I would take him for just an hour either for Sunday School or YW's. But, after a wonderful most eventful Sacrament Meeting I decided that he was close enough (Friday he will be 18 months) and he was going to Nursery. Besides today was Ward Conference and I really wanted to attend the meetings. The, teacher informed me that right after he left he went straight over to Matthew and gave him a big bear hug. I wish we had our camera, but who brings a camera to church? We were told Gavin hugged Matthew for like 5 minutes! Matthew was okay with it for a minute. Than, I guess he got annoyed with it and tried to get Gavin off him. Too bad for Matthew that Gavin weighs almost as much as he does. During lesson time Gavin also grabbed hold of Matthew's ear and would not let go. I am glad that Gavin and Matthew get this chance to be in Nursery together. It saves the teacher from bringing Gavin to me and then me taking him back and playing this yo-yo game. I love my kids I enjoyed having a whole two hours at church to actually listen to the lesson. I have not had that since we had Matthew three years ago. I am going to bring my camera next week until than this picture will have to work.


Lisa C said...

Hehe, I bring my camera EVERYWHERE. Cause, you never know!

That's really nice they can be in nursery together. I'm glad I get to be in nursery with Michael. One day they are going to kick me out, though.

ellie said...

That is so cute:) I do appreciate Nursery because I get to participate in class and feel like I get edified each time I go to church considering I only get ot attend every other Sunday because of my job. My only comment is taht they have to come get me to help Caleb to go the bathroom so be the time I get there, he'd already gone, then I end up cleaning messes. Sigh!

Stephanie Grimwood said...

oh gosh what a drag Ellie, in our ward they just have the kids go by themselves. I also, enjoy nursery for those exact reason. I think it stinks when they come and give me my kid because he has been crying for a five minutes. I think sheesh if you just give him like one more minute he will be fine, then we have to start all over again.
Lisa, I was in nursery with Jason when he was Michael's age is fine for a while but two and half years later I was pulling out my hairs. I needed a break.