Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm 7 months

I am now seven months old. Here are seven new things about me.

1. I have been a crawling machine the last couple of weeks. I no longer stay still and play with my little toys while my mom takes a shower. So, no more long morning showers mom.

2. I love to play outside. The other day I went outside with my brothers and friend Ethan. The two of us kinda fought over our little car toy. My mom thought it was cute.

3. I have two favorite foods. For breakfast I love to eat Muesli. Then for a morning snack I love my Baby Mum-Mums. I am learning to go longer without nursing. So, in the morning I get to eat a bowl of wonderful Muesli, nurse and then take my nap. After my nap at snack time I get to eat my Mum-Mums.
4. I can crawl through out little tunnel. It is so much fun! P.S. I also like crawling under my brothers bed.

5. I am starting to not like strangers, but my mom is going to put and end to that. Watch out Grandma and Aunt Ellie here I come!
6. I can pull myself up. I know all you know that because my mom posted a picture of me. Just so all you know I did fall asleep two minutes later. I lost my pacifier and mom helped me find it.
7. I enjoy my mom becoming a Betty Crocker. Lately she has been baking some wonderful breads. I love it when I get to try a little piece. Thanks Aunt Ellie and Holly!
P.S.S. My dad comes home in six weeks I we all can't wait to see the person I have been talking to on the computer.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Brian has been taking pictures of us while we have been talking to him. This is a little collection of the pictures taken.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cry Baby

I took this picture today while Gavin was getting ready to take his morning nap. I thought it was kinda cute. Gavin has been having a little hard time sleeping in the crib. He is getting better now he only cries for a couple of minutes. Then I will go in and give him a pacifier and he will go to sleep. He can now pull himself up. It is so funny.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What a Wonderful Friday!

Today was such a nice day. It has been a while since the weather has been nice. Okay well, maybe like a week. I just would like summer or even spring to arrive here in Oregon. I had all the kiddo's go outside and play. They had so much fun that I had to take some pictures. For those that don't know on Friday's we have my friend Ellie's children over. My boys love playing with their kids. I found it funny all the different age groups play. I am glad that they all had fun in their own way.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The price of Tuna is Outrages

So, today I was thinking about what to have for lunch. I remembered that I purchased a can of tuna yesterday. I started to get really mad! I realized that I paid 1.50 for 5oz. Just last year you could purchase a can of 6oz tuna for 1.25. So, now you get less but you have to pay more. That just bites.

p.s. we purchase the albercore tuna the other stuff is just for casseroles.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy, Busy.

I need to be working on my lesson for Sunday. Matthew is crying in his bed and Gavin is playing I have decided to write a blog entry instead. We have had such a busy day today. I think it would not have been so busy if we did not spend an hour at the doctors. Gavin had his sixth month check up today. Gavin weighs 18 1/2 pounds and is almost 28 inches. He is in the 75-80% for weight and 90% for height. I was kinda worried because everyone says he is "so big". Our doctor told me he was not too big. I was happy to know that he is on schedule and maybe a little ahead of schedule for his development. He is better sitter then most babies his age and he can scoot backwards really well. As I was writing this he was scooting himself backwards.(I am glad he was going backwards I have lost a couple of pages in my scriptures already). After hearing this I realize that there is no substitute for good tummy time. The nurse told me that too many parents are not doing tummy time because their babies cry. So after waiting for like a half hour because our doctor was at the hospital. I don't know why we made a 9:00 appointment anyway. Like our mornings are not crazy enough. Now all we have to do is deal with the lovely aftermath of the shots. I'd rather deal with a little crying now then have him sick with one of those horrible illnesses.

Well, now that Matthew has finished crying himself to sleep and Gavin has just fallen asleep I should work on my lesson. Until next time.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

No Paci Bag

Matthew has made it one whole week without having a pacifier. This week I have decided that we need to get Matthew out of the habit of having his beloved pacifier. When he wakes up in the morning or from his nap he cannot get out of bed unless he puts his paci in the paci bag. At first it was hard for him, but he now knows that if he wants to play he has to give it up. We are still letting him have it at nap time and bedtime I need my sleep. He is talking more and acting so much more grown up. I am so proud of him. I am glad I got this idea from a friend. I took some pictures because he looks so cute.
p.s. If Ellie is reading this we would like to thank Kaylee for teaching Matthew the color pink.

Gavin is Six Months Old

I am now six months old here are six things I can do.
1. Roll over from front to back and back to front. (this makes getting my diaper changed a little bit tricky).
2. I love to eat baby food. I like to eat baby food in the morning and at night.
3. I have learned how to scoot backwards. Now o
nly if I could learn how to go forward.
4. I love to take baths.
5.Last week I ca
ught my first cold. I had a hard week. But, now I feel better and so does my mom now she can get more sleep.
6. I love talking to my
dad on our webcam. He is so silly.
I have also learned six new things in my short six months here on earth.

1. My cousin Ethan loves to tackle me. One day I will be just as big as he is.
2. Teething Biscuits are so good! Until they get too small and my mom takes them away.

3. Anything that goes in my hand must go in the mouth.
4. I can entertain myself for a while in the morning so my mom can help my older brother get ready for school. Life is less crazy this way.
5. I have noticed that there is a sun and it does shine here in Oregon. I just can't figure out why my older brother has to wear rain boots when there is no rain.
6. I know that I am loved by my wonderful family.