Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm 7 months

I am now seven months old. Here are seven new things about me.

1. I have been a crawling machine the last couple of weeks. I no longer stay still and play with my little toys while my mom takes a shower. So, no more long morning showers mom.

2. I love to play outside. The other day I went outside with my brothers and friend Ethan. The two of us kinda fought over our little car toy. My mom thought it was cute.

3. I have two favorite foods. For breakfast I love to eat Muesli. Then for a morning snack I love my Baby Mum-Mums. I am learning to go longer without nursing. So, in the morning I get to eat a bowl of wonderful Muesli, nurse and then take my nap. After my nap at snack time I get to eat my Mum-Mums.
4. I can crawl through out little tunnel. It is so much fun! P.S. I also like crawling under my brothers bed.

5. I am starting to not like strangers, but my mom is going to put and end to that. Watch out Grandma and Aunt Ellie here I come!
6. I can pull myself up. I know all you know that because my mom posted a picture of me. Just so all you know I did fall asleep two minutes later. I lost my pacifier and mom helped me find it.
7. I enjoy my mom becoming a Betty Crocker. Lately she has been baking some wonderful breads. I love it when I get to try a little piece. Thanks Aunt Ellie and Holly!
P.S.S. My dad comes home in six weeks I we all can't wait to see the person I have been talking to on the computer.