Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gavin is Six Months Old

I am now six months old here are six things I can do.
1. Roll over from front to back and back to front. (this makes getting my diaper changed a little bit tricky).
2. I love to eat baby food. I like to eat baby food in the morning and at night.
3. I have learned how to scoot backwards. Now o
nly if I could learn how to go forward.
4. I love to take baths.
5.Last week I ca
ught my first cold. I had a hard week. But, now I feel better and so does my mom now she can get more sleep.
6. I love talking to my
dad on our webcam. He is so silly.
I have also learned six new things in my short six months here on earth.

1. My cousin Ethan loves to tackle me. One day I will be just as big as he is.
2. Teething Biscuits are so good! Until they get too small and my mom takes them away.

3. Anything that goes in my hand must go in the mouth.
4. I can entertain myself for a while in the morning so my mom can help my older brother get ready for school. Life is less crazy this way.
5. I have noticed that there is a sun and it does shine here in Oregon. I just can't figure out why my older brother has to wear rain boots when there is no rain.
6. I know that I am loved by my wonderful family.

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