Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My little guinea pigs

The last few weeks I have been trying new snack recipes. Last week I made Granola balls. That's right I said Granola balls. At first I thought they were kinda strange. I mean who ever thought of making a Granola bar into a ball. But, after making them they looked pretty interesting. I made them on Thursday for all the kids. I read the directions wrong and thought they had to be in the freezer for a while. Well, after realizing that I had left out the last part of the recipe when I copied and pasted it. I quickly put the balls in the fridge after they were only suppose to be in the freezer for a couple of hours then transferred to the freezer. Anyway, even though I had made a tiny little error the kids loved them. I am thankful for my six little guinea pigs that let me try new and sometimes unusual recipes on them.

Bunk Bed!

After several months of looking on Saturday we finally purchased a set of bunk beds. We have been looking forever. The boys love them. Well, I should say Jason loves them and Matthew is almost there. This is the first time since Matthew left the crib that he is sleeping completely by himself. This was a much needed change in their room. Jason sleeps on the top. He loves sleeping up there. Yesterday Matthew tried to go up and visit. Jason told him "Get down this is my personal space, I need my space!" It was kinda of funny to hear, because I am sure Jason has heard that before somewhere. Well, Matthew sleeps on the bottom. I am so thankful we found these beds. Gavin also enjoys the new beds he can climb up the ladder faster than anyone including his oldest brother. They have made bedtime a lot more tolerable. Now no one can complain about being kicked or hit.

P.S. please excuse the messy beds I only have blankets for a full bed.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Week in review.

Another great week is about to come to an end tomorrow. We had so much fun here in Portland as the boys played outside. I love the fact that we looked hard for a yard was fenced in. The boys have enjoyed running around and playing. They have also met a friend in the house behind us. Jason and Matthew talk to the girl and boy through our fence. They have also made friends with their dog.
Yesterday we went together as a family to see Jason sing at his school. It was so wonderful their program was about a Garden. Jason was a great singer. The only down part was all the super rude parents that would not sit down. Even after someone yelled "sit down" they still continue to stand and film the program. I think if you want to film your kid then go to the back or something.
Speaking of gardens for FHE we started our indoor garden. I purchased this little greenhouse type of thing at the Dollar Tree. So, we decided to start planting our seeds now. It was so much fun seeing the boys get excited about gardening. We also purchased some berry tree things. I thought I was purchasing a blackberry and raspberry. I forgot to read the label and when we got home to water them. I read the label and it gave instructions for Marion berry pie. I thought that was weird for a blackberry bush. Then, I read the label. Those darn berries they all look the same.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

So, yesterday I was all set to write this wonderful post bragging about how wonderful the younger boys were during the day. Then, as I was finishing the post, I had a quick thought, "if you post this entry you are going to jinks yourself". Thought was correct. Yesterday the younger boys played so nicely with each other for like an hour or so. It was so wonderful I was able to finish all my Monday morning chores in record time. I also had time to fold all the laundry and actually put it in it's place before snack time. Usually I am lucky to get the bathroom clean with only a couple of disturbances. But, yesterday Gavin and Matthew played so nicely together. I was even able to take some clothing out of storage for Gavin.(darn kid he is growing so fast). I am also going to brag how easily they both went down for a nap and bedtime. It was so wonderful.
Well, that all went out the window today as we did our errands. It all started at Home Depot where Gavin felt the desire to pull of the blossoms of a flower I was looking at. He almost went for the Blackberry bush I was looking at. Thank goodness for fast reflexes. Then, we did our weekly shopping at Winco. What trip! Gavin kept trying to climb out of the shopping cart to grab stuff to eat. I guess he was still hungry a granola bar was not enough for him. He managed to grab a box of Macaroni and Cheese. At first I thought great a toy than a few minutes later I realized he was eating the box. I am glad it was only .75 lunch for tomorrow or Thursday. Then, as we were looking in the bulk section ( I love this section) Matthew decided that he was going to sample as we walked along. I told him to stop and I wish we had room in the cart but it was full. As I was filling up on flour he started to sample the wonderful items in that section; flour, blueberry muffin mix, corn meal, finally he sampled some baking soda. That was the end of his sampling. It was kinda funny, I am glad he learned his lesson. When we got home no one wanted to come inside so they played in the backyard until it started to rain. The boys did not want to take a nap so after crying for a while they are finally asleep and I am enjoying some peace.

Monday, March 1, 2010

In one quick Swipe it was gone

Gavin finally got his first haircut. It took long enough for us to cut it. I had enough of people asking me if he was a boy or not. I do have to admit it was the guy at costco that got me motivated to cut it. As we were checking it out, the guy asked me, "It is a boy right"? I thought does he not look like a boy he is wearing a Nike running outfit and it is blue. Two days later I decided we were going to cut it. With one quick swipe of the buzzers his baby hair was gone.. He did great he did not even cry. I am so proud but at the same time sad. If he is anything like Matthew it will take several months for it to grow back. The last step of his baby things have been accomplished. He is still our baby just now heading more toward growing up.