Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bunk Bed!

After several months of looking on Saturday we finally purchased a set of bunk beds. We have been looking forever. The boys love them. Well, I should say Jason loves them and Matthew is almost there. This is the first time since Matthew left the crib that he is sleeping completely by himself. This was a much needed change in their room. Jason sleeps on the top. He loves sleeping up there. Yesterday Matthew tried to go up and visit. Jason told him "Get down this is my personal space, I need my space!" It was kinda of funny to hear, because I am sure Jason has heard that before somewhere. Well, Matthew sleeps on the bottom. I am so thankful we found these beds. Gavin also enjoys the new beds he can climb up the ladder faster than anyone including his oldest brother. They have made bedtime a lot more tolerable. Now no one can complain about being kicked or hit.

P.S. please excuse the messy beds I only have blankets for a full bed.

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