Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our summer Vacation Part I

We had a great summer vacation this year. In the beginning it kinda started off slow, winter lasted forever! Knowing that this could be our last summer vacation here in Oregon we wanted to make sure did all the things we usually do and then save the others for later. Then, Brian could join us for some new things. He was extremely busy this summer with boards, residency applications and getting ready to leave for Fort Worth and Mesa.
So we went to Oaks Park, Berry picking and the Oregon Zoo. All these things were fun, but our favorite thing we did this year was go to California and spend a month with our Grandparents. They boys got to enjoy some wonderful Grandparent time and the Grandparents got to spend some time being Grandparents. Something both sides needed very much.
So, here are some pictures of our trip to California.

Rest stop pictures.
Somewhere in Oregon.

Some where in California

These goats were well fed. I just
hope weeds are on their diet.

We decided to take 3 days to get to my folks house. It usually only takes less then a 1 1/2 days. But, whose counting? So we stopped by the raisin factory and took a picture in front of the Raisin lady. It was fun and the boys got to run around. (my boys are the best they did so well on this trip).