Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have finally gotten around to writing about Jason's braces. I know it has been like four months. But, sheesh I have been so busy it is crazy. So, we got braces way back when, and he loves them. He really needed them. So, we decided that we could either wait until Brian was done with school and most likely have to have oral surgery to fix is overbite or get them done while we are living near OHSU and pay less money and not have oral surgery. We obliviously choose option "B".
So today we went back to the orthodontist. I was hoping this appointment would be in and out real quick. I don't know what I was thinking, they are never in and out (it did not help that we were late this time). At OHSU we are not paying for quick service when the Dr. is in training. When the Dr. came and got me he told me that they decided to put his head gear on him today. At first I was like okay great! Then I got a closer look and was taken back a little. He was so happy. His first thing he said was, "Mom look I am a football player." I was like right son you sure are. Dr. Cook (his ortho) could not believe how easy Jason was at wearing this gear. I was a little shocked too. I think it helped that there was no mirror for him to get a good look at himself. Jason was so excited that he decided to wear out to the car and all the way to school, where he had me take it off.
In like ten years I am going to remind him of his enthusiasm when we go through round two of braces. I have a feeling he will not be as excited.