Monday, January 30, 2012

It has been a while

It has been forever since I last wrote on this blog. But i have been super busy. But today is Matthew's 5th birthday. I am so proud of him he has come such a long way. Over this last year. I thought i would take a minute and write about 5 things or so that he has done this year
  • Matthew started his second year of Headstart. I am so glad this year he has come around and is opening up more. Last year he was so shy and really did not talk to too many kids or talk to other adults.
  • He loves to build things with Legos. Matthew can play for hours and just build. And he is so good at it
  • Learning how to read has been a struggle, something I as a Mom am learning to deal with. Right now it is just boring he would rather draw, color and build. So we have made a game of it. I have truly learned that not all children are the same and we all learn in a different ways and time.
  • Matthew taught himself how to ride a bike. We had been working on it, but he just is kinda stubborn and likes to do things himself. So while we were on our trip in California this summer my parents had an old bike. And the first thing he did when we got there was get on the bike and ride it. I was shocked, but he wasn't. We gave him a big boy bike for Christmas and he loves it. Right now he is learning how to do little tricks. Thank goodness for band aides.
  • During the month on October he had an endoscopy done and the doctor confirmed that Matthew has Reflux and right now we are working on managing Reflux and CVS. He was also diagnosed with Asthma and after 6 months we finally have it under control.
I love this kid so much. I am so glad he is a member of our family. He truly lightens up our home.