Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are these toy age appropriate?

Today while I was making cookies I took a glance over at our little guys. I noticed that they were playing so well by themselves. Then, I took a second look and realized they should probably not be playing the toys they are playing with. Legos are for children 4 and up. And the train are for ages 12 months and up. Oh, well. I just thought it was so cute.And besides they really like these types of toys.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As a baby Jason required two pacifiers to go to sleep. One for his mouth and one for his hand.(sometimes one for each hand) Well tonight I was trying to get Gavin to go to sleep. We want him to go to sleep on his own, no rocking or nursing to sleep. Well, tonight he decided he was going to be a stubborn. So, I decided maybe it was time he learned to cry himself to sleep. So, after having him cry for a little while. I went in to check on him. I noticed that he had a pacifier in his hand, I tried to take it away and put it in his mouth. That got him very upset. I told him, " I am not going to pick up it is time for bed". So, I looked around for another pacifier to put in his mouth. I found one and a minute later he was asleep. So,it just reminded me of our Jason. I checked on him an hour later and he still had the pacifier in his hand and the other in his mouth. What ever works!

Pictures from our trip

Our train trip

During Spring break in March the boys and I took a little train trip down to my parents house in California. We had a lot fun. We met so many different kinds of people during our 28 hour train trip.(that is 28 hours there and 28 hours home) On our way down we met a lady and her 2 year old daughter. They were traveling to San Diego. We also met tons of older ladies that wanted to hold our baby. There was one that sat down in the seat next to me and begged me for a chance to hold him. I let her, but I am glad she sat down. She had a little too much to drink. In, fact every time we saw her she really stunk. And on our way back we met a lady that was traveling to Oregon to finish school and meet up with her family in Oregon. We also met a very sad man. He was leaving California because it was not "white enough". He was such a jerk. At the train station in LA, I prayed that he was in a different car. But, wouldn't you know it he was in our car. Thank goodness he was in the back far away from me. Otherwise, I might have been thrown off the train for slapping him. The train started in Seattle, we picked it up here in Portland. The train went down through Oregon, into California. We saw tons of farms. Then it went along the coast until it stopped in LA. My favorite part was seeing the beautiful coast. The boys liked Salinas best. They are known for their strawberry fields. It was a beautiful trip. The boys slept well on the train. The only hard part was when we got up to walk around. I had to put on the baby carrying thing. It was hard. Gavin really did not like it too much. And it hurt my back. He is a big baby. I am glad I only had to do it for a little bit. I could not have done it the entire trip.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a six year boy named Jason.

Who decided that he would take his two year old brother named Matthew on a ride. In a wagon that looked like this.

Up a driveway that looked this.
Then, after realizing he had gone too high he let his brother go down the driveway. ALONE!
After flipping over and falling out of the wagon. The two year old walked away with a couple of bruises. After going crazy the lovely mom realized that the toddler was "one lucky bug!" Oh boy.

And they lived happily ever after. Until the next crisis.
The End.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another beautiful day!

The last few days we have had such wonderful weather here in Oregon. Yesterday when we took Gavin out to play I finally figured out how the video feature works on our camera. I thought I would take a little video of Gavin. We have a swing outside that the use. Yesterday, we put Gavin in it. It was a little different for him because his swing indoors goes sideways and the swig outdoors goes back and forth. So, I took a little video of it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Legos! Legos!

Today while we were out I saw a sign for a Garage Sale. So, i stopped by just to check it out. I am looking for a few things and I never like paying retail price for anything! So, I was looking around and saw a backpack. Jason needs a new one, but $10 please too much $$! So, I looked down and saw this lego mountain type of thing. I asked the lady how much she wanted for this Lego thing. She told "wait!", "I have some Legos to go with that". So, I waited. Boy, she took forever! I had the boys in the car waiting for me. I ran to check on them. (I learned last year garage sales and Matthew don't mix) So, finally she came out. I asked her how much she wanted for the box of legos. I was sure I did not have enough cash on me. She asked me what I thought. I said I don't know I have 10 bucks on me. She said how about 8. I was like cool. So, I came back to the car with Legos and a bunch of Lego magazines. All the boys were really happy. Even Gavin, he needed to be saved. Well, since I bought them like at 10:30 the boys have played with them. They gave me 2 hours of silence. I was able to clean my house finish laundry.(Well the laundry is still hanging out to dry). I took a couple of pictures of the boys. I made them play outside because it is such a nice day.
I thought I would even throw in a picture of the boys playing Legos with my dad during our vacation.