Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My third grader

Today Jason started third grade. Wow time flies so fast. He was super excited to go to school today. Now that he is in 3rd grade he gets to go upstairs. He has waited a whole year for this right of passage. I took him to school like I always do. I know that this could be one of my last years taking him to his first day of school. I have been told that one day he will want to go by himself. It is just a tradition. However, today as I left he told me, "Mom tomorrow I will take the bus." I think the pictures say it all. I could not even get him to smile. They grow up so fast.
He has two different teachers. Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Henderson. I think this is kinda weird but, I am sure he will get use to it. Hogan Cedars is a great school I feel blessed that we were able to move into an area that has such a wonderful caring staff. I hope we have a great year this year.