Monday, January 30, 2012

It has been a while

It has been forever since I last wrote on this blog. But i have been super busy. But today is Matthew's 5th birthday. I am so proud of him he has come such a long way. Over this last year. I thought i would take a minute and write about 5 things or so that he has done this year
  • Matthew started his second year of Headstart. I am so glad this year he has come around and is opening up more. Last year he was so shy and really did not talk to too many kids or talk to other adults.
  • He loves to build things with Legos. Matthew can play for hours and just build. And he is so good at it
  • Learning how to read has been a struggle, something I as a Mom am learning to deal with. Right now it is just boring he would rather draw, color and build. So we have made a game of it. I have truly learned that not all children are the same and we all learn in a different ways and time.
  • Matthew taught himself how to ride a bike. We had been working on it, but he just is kinda stubborn and likes to do things himself. So while we were on our trip in California this summer my parents had an old bike. And the first thing he did when we got there was get on the bike and ride it. I was shocked, but he wasn't. We gave him a big boy bike for Christmas and he loves it. Right now he is learning how to do little tricks. Thank goodness for band aides.
  • During the month on October he had an endoscopy done and the doctor confirmed that Matthew has Reflux and right now we are working on managing Reflux and CVS. He was also diagnosed with Asthma and after 6 months we finally have it under control.
I love this kid so much. I am so glad he is a member of our family. He truly lightens up our home.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our summer Vacation Part I

We had a great summer vacation this year. In the beginning it kinda started off slow, winter lasted forever! Knowing that this could be our last summer vacation here in Oregon we wanted to make sure did all the things we usually do and then save the others for later. Then, Brian could join us for some new things. He was extremely busy this summer with boards, residency applications and getting ready to leave for Fort Worth and Mesa.
So we went to Oaks Park, Berry picking and the Oregon Zoo. All these things were fun, but our favorite thing we did this year was go to California and spend a month with our Grandparents. They boys got to enjoy some wonderful Grandparent time and the Grandparents got to spend some time being Grandparents. Something both sides needed very much.
So, here are some pictures of our trip to California.

Rest stop pictures.
Somewhere in Oregon.

Some where in California

These goats were well fed. I just
hope weeds are on their diet.

We decided to take 3 days to get to my folks house. It usually only takes less then a 1 1/2 days. But, whose counting? So we stopped by the raisin factory and took a picture in front of the Raisin lady. It was fun and the boys got to run around. (my boys are the best they did so well on this trip).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This boys is Awesome!

I can't believe that Jason is nine years old. (Well, tomorrow but I have no time tomorrow to blog so one day early is okay). I just have to say that is child is so awesome. I just love him so much. It's not easy being a child to a medical student soon to be a medical doctor. With Brian always being gone and having to study this child has not complained once.And this is from the time we started this adventure. He is such a good example to me. He works so hard. I thought I would highlight a few of his accomplishments he has had this year.
  • He made his first Pinewood Derby car. And raced it and actually won a few of his rounds. (His the Spiderman blue and red car)
  • Jason started scouts and loves it. He has earned his Bobcat and tomorrow will be getting his wolf. (scouts is the best program the church has for these boys) I am so glad he loves so much.
  • He learned how to play basketball
  • He is learning how to roller skate which is an adventure in itself.
  • Jason is such a good friend to others around him and to his younger brothers. Which is not easy especially when they want what he has. Or they destroy his wonderful lego creations. He just tells me, "Mom, I am going to make it bigger and better."
  • Just a few weeks ago we purchased a trampoline, (let me just the best outside toy ever) Jason just loves it.
  • Jason had the best teachers this year. They have totally embraced his love for reading and have pushed him to read more. He got the highest score on the reading part of the OAKS test in the Third Grade. I am so proud of him. We are currently working on our Multiplications and with some pushing he is getting them. Now we get to enjoy division what joy!
  • We made through our braces with out losing our retainer. Not once! We also graduated from wearing glasses, without him breaking them. I wish we could say without them being broken, but with two little brothers that was impossible.
  • Together we learned how to grow some citrus plants. It has been fun watching them grow, well at least stay live. We grew two lemon, two lime, a orange and a tangerine. We have plans to take them down to California this summer so our grandparents can watch them until, we are done. We will then pick them up after Brian is done with school. It stinks that the company won't send them to California. Oh well we will just take them there ourselves.
  • Lastly, Jason has just grown so much. Nine years ago he weighed in at 2 lbs. 7 oz. now he is 70 pounds more and thriving.
I am so thankful that I have been able to see our Jason grow so much. I love him and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for him. I know that he will continue to grow and learn.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tulip Festival

It has been a while since I lasted wrote anything on this blog. We have done a ton since it would seem way overwhelming to sit here and write for an hour. I have decided to break them up into different parts.
So, on Mother's day weekend we went to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn. We have wanted to go there for a while now. So, Brian took a break from studying and we went. It was perfect they were having half off day for the weekend. So instead of costing us 10 bucks it was only 5. I wish the weather had been warmer. But oh well. I am just glad we went. Tulips remind me of my Grandmother Hope. She always had such beautiful red and white tulips in her yard.
The boys had fun playing in the little park area that they have there. Here are some pictures:

Jason on the little tractor.
Gavin was so excited to climb up to the top. But when it came
to going down it was a totally different story.What a cute little dutch couple
What cute flowers!
And some more!

Oh, there's the real ones
A hottie amongst some beautiful

My favorite. Thanks, Jason.

Some for the road. Even though there
are signs all over the place saying "don't pick the flowers". Too bad the boys can't read.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Eating Out does not have to be bad

This morning was a super busy morning. I can actually say I am glad Gavin woke me up at 5:30. I have been feeling so horrible that last few weeks. A couple of weeks ago I went in to see the Doctor for a sinus infection. Well, two weeks later and after some wonderful drugs, I am still feel gross. So, this morning I decided I should go back and see the doctor. Since we live an hour away I had to call early. Mondays are a horrible day to try to get into the doctors. Anyway I got in and it turns out I have allergies. Which is not a huge surprise to me. Because I always get them. The surprise was that we had to wait for about an hour to see the doctor. During our wait Gavin decided to have big poo. And being the prepared person I am I left the wipes in the car. So thank goodness for tp and water.
So, after our lovely trip to the doctor. Taking two active boys to the doctor is an adventure thank goodness our Dr. has some pretty cool toys to play with. We got to go and wait at Walgreen's for another half hour. By this time the little granola bars that I had in my bag were gone and the boys were starving. ( I should mention they are boys and they are always hungry). But, it was 12ish and one granola bar was just not enough. ( I was super prepared.)
Since we were at the Oregon city Walgreen's, I decided since they has not caused too much trouble at either places (only running up and down the rows screaming, playing chase and fighting only a couple of times at MD's). I decided that they deserved a little treat. So, we went to McDonald's. Not only could they have lunch, but they could run around and play at the play-place. For our boys going to McDonald's is a real treat, we only go there like a couple times a year. Anyways, I ordered my usual the Fruit Yogurt Parfait, and the boys got what I always get them chicken nuggets, apple slices and water. As I was looking around at the other kids and what they were eating, Happy Meals. At first I felt bad for my kids, they had no cool toy to play with, and they had to share their nuggets. Then, as I watched the boys play I realized a couple of things. First those Happy Meals are too expensive and my boys would lose or destroy the little toy after a day. And Second that eating out does not have to be bad for. I decided that I was going to use this as a learning tool for my boys. On they way home Matthew and I talked about how important it is too make good choices when we go out to eat, or when we eat in general. N0w, I know chicken nuggets are not the healthiest things to eat, but they are sure a lot better then other things. ( Gavin was in Nap land, one of the reasons we stopped to eat, I knew he would fall asleep before we got home). I hope that I can teach my boys to eat healthy and that eating is about control and learning to control ones habits. I am not trying to judge the other parents it was just an eye opener for me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our little Four Eyes!

Earlier this month Gavin was diagnosed with Accommodative Esotropia. Which in lame terms, " lazy eye". So, our Dr. told us that he would need glasses. This was not a shock to me I had done research before we went in for our visit. I just knew that something was wrong and we needed to get it looked at.
So, for a couple of weeks before our visit I went glasses shopping. Can I just tell everyone that looking for durable glasses for a two year old is nearly impossible. We looked at Costco and Walmart (they are the cheapest) with no luck. But, we found some that I hope will work, at least for a while.
He looks so cute with his little glasses on. His eyes aren't perfect with them on, but I hope they will get there. If not, then he will be patched, which is no big deal. I am just so happy that now he can finally see. He is very Farsighted. In fact he is actually willing to do some art projects with us now, before he wouldn't I just thought it wasn't his thing. But, now with his glasses he wants color and paint with Matthew. It helps that he can actually see what he is doing. After we left Dr. Boch's his first little sentence was, "Mom I can see". Which is major, becuase Gavin does not talk a whole lot. He is just do dang cute.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A proud Mom Moment

Today as I watched my 8 year old wait for the bus, I had a "Proud Mom" moment. We live at the corner of our street and the bus picks up the kids across the street from our house. My son and I have talked about running down the end of the street and back with his little friend. Well today as I was looking out our window just checking on him and wondering where the stink-en bus was (it was almost 15 minutes late). I saw my little guy explain to his friend that he could not go down the street. His little friend kept trying to get him to go and for the first time I saw my boy stay firm to what we have taught him. It made me proud that he did this on his own (meaning not looking back to our house and checking if I was in looking on him).
And I had a thought, this is one of the reasons why we send our kiddos to school. The time that they are away from us at school is the time when they can truly put in use what we have taught them. And isn't this is why they/we came to earth to be tested and to prove to ourselves. It is not easy, but it is worth it! This also gives them a chance to be little missionaries. Hunter (the little boy) is taking the missionary discussions and is planning on getting baptized as soon as him mom will let him. (side note: he has the best Grandma she reminds me so much of my Grandma. I look up to her so much. She is so AWESOME) Even though I don't agree with everything that is taught in schools these days. When I don't agree I have no problem telling my son and teaching him a better way. I do love the fact that my child is getting a chance to be tested and learn. And when he needs help I will always be there for him.
I don't believe that learning starts when kids get on the bus and stops at the bus stop. I am so thankful for these little moments that I get to cherish.