Sunday, September 20, 2009

He is learning

Over the last few months I have been working with Matthew on some preschool stuff. We first started with letters, but he did not like that too much. So, we decided to do colors and play some color games with those paint samples you get at Home Depot. But, Gavin decided to eat them so now we just do it with crayons during Gavin's nap. Much safer. So I decided well let's do shapes. I started out with circles. Well, after a while I decided maybe he is just not ready for this type of stuff and we will stick with colors. Well, the other day Gavin was reorganizing my kitchen. This is a daily thing. Matthew decided to help him. Matthew would take out a kitchen tool and ask me what it was. I would tell, example a cookie, or a rack for cookies. Well, Gavin took out the Angel Food cake pan. Matthew took it away from him and asked me what it was. I was trying to think of an easy way to say it. So, I told him cake pan. He told me, "no mom, circle." He started to talk to Gavin and tell him it was a circle then he sang our circle song. I was so surprised he even remembered to show Gavin that it had no sides. He demonstrated it to him too. I was so excited he told Gavin look it is an "O". So, now everything is an "O" that is shaped like a circle.
I have been trying to have patience with him because I know all kids are different. Jason knew all the shapes and their sides by the time he was 3 1/2. Matthew is getting it he just is so stubborn. If he does not feel like doing something he won't. I am thankful, to have a different personality with each of my three kids. They make life interesting.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First day of School

Last week was Jason's first day of school. He is officially a second grader. He is attending Hogan-Cedars Elementary. It is almost a brand new school. I say almost because it is only 4 years old. Jason was really excited to start school. I love having him home, but I know that he was ready to go back. He was a little nervous, but after the first day he was so excited to go back. Jason has a wonderful teacher. Even though homework has been coming kinda slow for me we still have homework among ourselves.
Matthew on the other hand has not been too happy that Jason is back at school. He loves playing with Jason. Matthew cries everyday when we drop Jason off at the bus stop. We have been having school at home here. He seems to like it. I hope he is this excited when it is actually his turn to go.
I took some pictures of our yearly tradition of taking Jason to school. Jason takes the bus, but on the first day of school I always drop him off.
Gavin came too, but he did not care if his picture was taken or not.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gavin is Ten Months

Well, I have been a bad blogger the last few weeks. I hope to start up again. Starting with this entry. Our little Gavin is growing so big. He is now ten months old and can do so many things.
Here are a few:

  1. Gavin can walk. He still likes to crawl, but he can get up on his two little feet and walk.
  2. He has finally decided that he does not like baby food. Well at least the mushed stuff. It took him a while but that is okay.
  3. He loves to crawl in the tub when his older brothers are taking a shower. However, he will not take a bath in the tub by himself.
  4. He loves to play outside. We have a little play structure thing and he loves to crawl on it and play.
  5. He thinks he is old enough to play with legos. Too bad they are so small.
  6. I am thankful he is getting better at sleeping through the night. Well, okay myabe only until 3:30ish but he is getting a lot better ever since he is in his own room. I don't know how people co-sleep with their kids. I need my space.
  7. He loves to read our favorite book "Goodnight Moon" just before going to bed.
  8. Gavin can say mama and dada even though he has not said for a week or so.
  9. He has one tooth and a bunch more coming in thank goodness for our teething pills. Our little heroes
  10. He loves to go for walks. We live near a park and the boys and I go walking every day. Well, almost everyday.