Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gavin is Ten Months

Well, I have been a bad blogger the last few weeks. I hope to start up again. Starting with this entry. Our little Gavin is growing so big. He is now ten months old and can do so many things.
Here are a few:

  1. Gavin can walk. He still likes to crawl, but he can get up on his two little feet and walk.
  2. He has finally decided that he does not like baby food. Well at least the mushed stuff. It took him a while but that is okay.
  3. He loves to crawl in the tub when his older brothers are taking a shower. However, he will not take a bath in the tub by himself.
  4. He loves to play outside. We have a little play structure thing and he loves to crawl on it and play.
  5. He thinks he is old enough to play with legos. Too bad they are so small.
  6. I am thankful he is getting better at sleeping through the night. Well, okay myabe only until 3:30ish but he is getting a lot better ever since he is in his own room. I don't know how people co-sleep with their kids. I need my space.
  7. He loves to read our favorite book "Goodnight Moon" just before going to bed.
  8. Gavin can say mama and dada even though he has not said for a week or so.
  9. He has one tooth and a bunch more coming in thank goodness for our teething pills. Our little heroes
  10. He loves to go for walks. We live near a park and the boys and I go walking every day. Well, almost everyday.


ellie said...

Gavin is so cute. I love hlding him today. He's so soft and huggable:)So where was that second picture taken? And that's my little guy Ethan in the third pic. Thank you for taking him for a walk as well. He does love to go outside (one of his favorite things to say:)

Brian Grimwood said...

That top photo is my favorite.