Sunday, September 13, 2009

First day of School

Last week was Jason's first day of school. He is officially a second grader. He is attending Hogan-Cedars Elementary. It is almost a brand new school. I say almost because it is only 4 years old. Jason was really excited to start school. I love having him home, but I know that he was ready to go back. He was a little nervous, but after the first day he was so excited to go back. Jason has a wonderful teacher. Even though homework has been coming kinda slow for me we still have homework among ourselves.
Matthew on the other hand has not been too happy that Jason is back at school. He loves playing with Jason. Matthew cries everyday when we drop Jason off at the bus stop. We have been having school at home here. He seems to like it. I hope he is this excited when it is actually his turn to go.
I took some pictures of our yearly tradition of taking Jason to school. Jason takes the bus, but on the first day of school I always drop him off.
Gavin came too, but he did not care if his picture was taken or not.


Brian Grimwood said...

Matthew looks more excited to be there than Jason does!

ellie said...

Hey, do you have any idea on waht to teach Kaylee? Or maybe a place I can go to get stuff to teach her? I need like a guide or list or something.

Lisa - edenwild said...

That is so sweet how Matthew misses Jason so much. That school looks pretty!