Saturday, August 22, 2009

We moved!!

We have finally moved out of the guest house. We enjoyed our stay there, but it was just a little to tight for a family of five. We now have a place here in Gresham. We are really enjoying our new home. We have a three bedroom with 1.5 baths and a large backyard. The kitchen is a little small, but that is okay because I am the only one that really cooks anyway. The boys love their new place too. Jason and Matthew are sharing a room. Gavin is in a room by himself. I really like that part. I love my kids but, it was driving me crazy having Gavin in my room. He seems to enjoy his room too. We are also using his room as our office as that is what it will be when he is out.
We had some wonderful memories during our stay in Oregon city. It will always be a big part of our family history.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our family vacation to California

The boys drinking a Milk Shake Yum Yum!

My dad found this dog on his walk.
We wanted to take it home it was so cute.
But it was not very kid friendly. It kept biting Matthew.

We don't have a bathtub here. The
boys loved taking a bath at the Grandparents.

The beautiful San Diego Temple.
A missionary couple took these pictures for us.

More pictures to come.