Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tulip Festival

It has been a while since I lasted wrote anything on this blog. We have done a ton since it would seem way overwhelming to sit here and write for an hour. I have decided to break them up into different parts.
So, on Mother's day weekend we went to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn. We have wanted to go there for a while now. So, Brian took a break from studying and we went. It was perfect they were having half off day for the weekend. So instead of costing us 10 bucks it was only 5. I wish the weather had been warmer. But oh well. I am just glad we went. Tulips remind me of my Grandmother Hope. She always had such beautiful red and white tulips in her yard.
The boys had fun playing in the little park area that they have there. Here are some pictures:

Jason on the little tractor.
Gavin was so excited to climb up to the top. But when it came
to going down it was a totally different story.What a cute little dutch couple
What cute flowers!
And some more!

Oh, there's the real ones
A hottie amongst some beautiful

My favorite. Thanks, Jason.

Some for the road. Even though there
are signs all over the place saying "don't pick the flowers". Too bad the boys can't read.