Sunday, September 20, 2009

He is learning

Over the last few months I have been working with Matthew on some preschool stuff. We first started with letters, but he did not like that too much. So, we decided to do colors and play some color games with those paint samples you get at Home Depot. But, Gavin decided to eat them so now we just do it with crayons during Gavin's nap. Much safer. So I decided well let's do shapes. I started out with circles. Well, after a while I decided maybe he is just not ready for this type of stuff and we will stick with colors. Well, the other day Gavin was reorganizing my kitchen. This is a daily thing. Matthew decided to help him. Matthew would take out a kitchen tool and ask me what it was. I would tell, example a cookie, or a rack for cookies. Well, Gavin took out the Angel Food cake pan. Matthew took it away from him and asked me what it was. I was trying to think of an easy way to say it. So, I told him cake pan. He told me, "no mom, circle." He started to talk to Gavin and tell him it was a circle then he sang our circle song. I was so surprised he even remembered to show Gavin that it had no sides. He demonstrated it to him too. I was so excited he told Gavin look it is an "O". So, now everything is an "O" that is shaped like a circle.
I have been trying to have patience with him because I know all kids are different. Jason knew all the shapes and their sides by the time he was 3 1/2. Matthew is getting it he just is so stubborn. If he does not feel like doing something he won't. I am thankful, to have a different personality with each of my three kids. They make life interesting.


ellie said...

I love the pictures Steph:) Gavin's especially:) I worked so hard tonight. It was nice to stop and relax. Thnak you for making me smile. Caleb did the same thing. I thought he wasn't ready and that he just didn't want to pay attention, and then one day, all of a sudden he knows all his letters and phonetics. I guess something sunk in his brain after all:) I hope potty training will be just as pleasantly surprising:)

Lisa - edenwild said...

Babies and toddlers are listening and learning even when you think they aren't. Michael had a huge language explosion this month and is suddenly doing ASL signs that I wasn't sure he was getting, but I kept doing them anyway. Just make learning fun and don't worry about whether or not he is getting it because his brain is probably silently processing the information. That story about the "circle" cake pan is really cute.

Lisa - edenwild said...

Oh, and happy birthday yesterday!