Monday, April 25, 2011

Eating Out does not have to be bad

This morning was a super busy morning. I can actually say I am glad Gavin woke me up at 5:30. I have been feeling so horrible that last few weeks. A couple of weeks ago I went in to see the Doctor for a sinus infection. Well, two weeks later and after some wonderful drugs, I am still feel gross. So, this morning I decided I should go back and see the doctor. Since we live an hour away I had to call early. Mondays are a horrible day to try to get into the doctors. Anyway I got in and it turns out I have allergies. Which is not a huge surprise to me. Because I always get them. The surprise was that we had to wait for about an hour to see the doctor. During our wait Gavin decided to have big poo. And being the prepared person I am I left the wipes in the car. So thank goodness for tp and water.
So, after our lovely trip to the doctor. Taking two active boys to the doctor is an adventure thank goodness our Dr. has some pretty cool toys to play with. We got to go and wait at Walgreen's for another half hour. By this time the little granola bars that I had in my bag were gone and the boys were starving. ( I should mention they are boys and they are always hungry). But, it was 12ish and one granola bar was just not enough. ( I was super prepared.)
Since we were at the Oregon city Walgreen's, I decided since they has not caused too much trouble at either places (only running up and down the rows screaming, playing chase and fighting only a couple of times at MD's). I decided that they deserved a little treat. So, we went to McDonald's. Not only could they have lunch, but they could run around and play at the play-place. For our boys going to McDonald's is a real treat, we only go there like a couple times a year. Anyways, I ordered my usual the Fruit Yogurt Parfait, and the boys got what I always get them chicken nuggets, apple slices and water. As I was looking around at the other kids and what they were eating, Happy Meals. At first I felt bad for my kids, they had no cool toy to play with, and they had to share their nuggets. Then, as I watched the boys play I realized a couple of things. First those Happy Meals are too expensive and my boys would lose or destroy the little toy after a day. And Second that eating out does not have to be bad for. I decided that I was going to use this as a learning tool for my boys. On they way home Matthew and I talked about how important it is too make good choices when we go out to eat, or when we eat in general. N0w, I know chicken nuggets are not the healthiest things to eat, but they are sure a lot better then other things. ( Gavin was in Nap land, one of the reasons we stopped to eat, I knew he would fall asleep before we got home). I hope that I can teach my boys to eat healthy and that eating is about control and learning to control ones habits. I am not trying to judge the other parents it was just an eye opener for me.


Lisa C said...

You know, McDonald's isn't as bad as it used to be--at least there are some halfway decent items on the menu now.

We eat out probably more than we should, but we only got to places with decent options--Burgerville, New Seasons, Baja Fresh, sandwich shops, and on rare occasion, McDonald's. I'm so glad that chips and fries are not the only side dish options anymore! We always try to make it healthy.

I've been reading this book called Little Sugar Addicts, and THAT book is an eye-opener, let me tell you. Children eat cookies and Coke for breakfast. It's absolutely scary what some kids eat. And then there are school lunches--yikes. I am sure you send Jason with his lunch, but for some poor children, those school lunches are the only choice they get. It's so sad.

I think it is so smart to talk to them about food choices. I do it with Michael. You absolutely have to in this culture. The U.S. may have an abundant food supply, but the American Diet is atrocious. Have you ever watched Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution? Some kids don't even know what a tomato looks like. Kind of makes you feel like you're doing okay, doesn't it?

Stephanie Grimwood said...

Lisa, you should try chiptoles, (okay misspelled.) it is super good.

Lisa C said...

Oh, yeah? Maybe we'll check it out.