Friday, January 28, 2011

A proud Mom Moment

Today as I watched my 8 year old wait for the bus, I had a "Proud Mom" moment. We live at the corner of our street and the bus picks up the kids across the street from our house. My son and I have talked about running down the end of the street and back with his little friend. Well today as I was looking out our window just checking on him and wondering where the stink-en bus was (it was almost 15 minutes late). I saw my little guy explain to his friend that he could not go down the street. His little friend kept trying to get him to go and for the first time I saw my boy stay firm to what we have taught him. It made me proud that he did this on his own (meaning not looking back to our house and checking if I was in looking on him).
And I had a thought, this is one of the reasons why we send our kiddos to school. The time that they are away from us at school is the time when they can truly put in use what we have taught them. And isn't this is why they/we came to earth to be tested and to prove to ourselves. It is not easy, but it is worth it! This also gives them a chance to be little missionaries. Hunter (the little boy) is taking the missionary discussions and is planning on getting baptized as soon as him mom will let him. (side note: he has the best Grandma she reminds me so much of my Grandma. I look up to her so much. She is so AWESOME) Even though I don't agree with everything that is taught in schools these days. When I don't agree I have no problem telling my son and teaching him a better way. I do love the fact that my child is getting a chance to be tested and learn. And when he needs help I will always be there for him.
I don't believe that learning starts when kids get on the bus and stops at the bus stop. I am so thankful for these little moments that I get to cherish.

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ellie said...

I like this post Steph. I worry too much about my kiddos sometimes, like what will they become and am I doing enough to teach them? I love you. I'm so glad we're family:)