Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As a baby Jason required two pacifiers to go to sleep. One for his mouth and one for his hand.(sometimes one for each hand) Well tonight I was trying to get Gavin to go to sleep. We want him to go to sleep on his own, no rocking or nursing to sleep. Well, tonight he decided he was going to be a stubborn. So, I decided maybe it was time he learned to cry himself to sleep. So, after having him cry for a little while. I went in to check on him. I noticed that he had a pacifier in his hand, I tried to take it away and put it in his mouth. That got him very upset. I told him, " I am not going to pick up it is time for bed". So, I looked around for another pacifier to put in his mouth. I found one and a minute later he was asleep. So,it just reminded me of our Jason. I checked on him an hour later and he still had the pacifier in his hand and the other in his mouth. What ever works!


ellie said...

That's so cute. This made me smile. Thanks.

Holly Mayer said...

that is cute, arora has a little bear she has to sleep with. I figure whatever works.