Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our train trip

During Spring break in March the boys and I took a little train trip down to my parents house in California. We had a lot fun. We met so many different kinds of people during our 28 hour train trip.(that is 28 hours there and 28 hours home) On our way down we met a lady and her 2 year old daughter. They were traveling to San Diego. We also met tons of older ladies that wanted to hold our baby. There was one that sat down in the seat next to me and begged me for a chance to hold him. I let her, but I am glad she sat down. She had a little too much to drink. In, fact every time we saw her she really stunk. And on our way back we met a lady that was traveling to Oregon to finish school and meet up with her family in Oregon. We also met a very sad man. He was leaving California because it was not "white enough". He was such a jerk. At the train station in LA, I prayed that he was in a different car. But, wouldn't you know it he was in our car. Thank goodness he was in the back far away from me. Otherwise, I might have been thrown off the train for slapping him. The train started in Seattle, we picked it up here in Portland. The train went down through Oregon, into California. We saw tons of farms. Then it went along the coast until it stopped in LA. My favorite part was seeing the beautiful coast. The boys liked Salinas best. They are known for their strawberry fields. It was a beautiful trip. The boys slept well on the train. The only hard part was when we got up to walk around. I had to put on the baby carrying thing. It was hard. Gavin really did not like it too much. And it hurt my back. He is a big baby. I am glad I only had to do it for a little bit. I could not have done it the entire trip.

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