Friday, March 5, 2010

Week in review.

Another great week is about to come to an end tomorrow. We had so much fun here in Portland as the boys played outside. I love the fact that we looked hard for a yard was fenced in. The boys have enjoyed running around and playing. They have also met a friend in the house behind us. Jason and Matthew talk to the girl and boy through our fence. They have also made friends with their dog.
Yesterday we went together as a family to see Jason sing at his school. It was so wonderful their program was about a Garden. Jason was a great singer. The only down part was all the super rude parents that would not sit down. Even after someone yelled "sit down" they still continue to stand and film the program. I think if you want to film your kid then go to the back or something.
Speaking of gardens for FHE we started our indoor garden. I purchased this little greenhouse type of thing at the Dollar Tree. So, we decided to start planting our seeds now. It was so much fun seeing the boys get excited about gardening. We also purchased some berry tree things. I thought I was purchasing a blackberry and raspberry. I forgot to read the label and when we got home to water them. I read the label and it gave instructions for Marion berry pie. I thought that was weird for a blackberry bush. Then, I read the label. Those darn berries they all look the same.


Lisa C said...

Some would claim that marionberries are much better than blackberries! A cross between bosenberries and blackberries, I believe. It's an Oregon hybrid. But maybe you knew that already. Anyway, have fun with your berries! And sorry to hear about the inconsiderate parents at the school program.

Stephanie Grimwood said...

Thanks Lisa, I actually did not know that. I hope our berries can survive until I can plant them gavin has been very attracted to them. Not in a good way.