Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jason is Seven

Today, Jason turned seven years old. I can't believe how fast seven years have gone by. He has turned into such a wonderful young boy. He is about to finish the first grade. He has been working so hard.
We had a great little family party tonight. He received some wonderful presents. His favorite of course were the legos.
Here are some of the things that our little guy has accomplished this year.
  • He has become a little monkey. Jason loves to climb the tree in our front yard.
  • Jason loves playing with his little brothers. They love playing with him.
  • He built his first snowman.
  • Jason took a reading test during the school year. He got the highest grade of any other first grader in the school.He was ranked the best reader.
  • He got his first pair of sun glasses
  • He got to have a bunny for a pet. Well, at least for an hour.
  • Jason has helped out so much while Brian has been in Arizona.
  • He is learning to serve others and preparing to be baptized next year.
We are so thankful to have Jason in our family. I could not imagine our family without him.

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ellie said...

Happy birthday Jason. We love you. We're so proud of you. Hopefully Kaylee will be able to follow your footsteps academically.