Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boys will be Boys!

Our sons crack me up. Here are some of the things they have been doing over the last few days.

Jason and Matthew: love collecting caterpillars. It seems like the caterpillars love our little play structure. Over the last few weeks every morning the older boys have gone out and found at least a couple of caterpillars. We have a bug collector dish thing and they put the bugs in it.(Well, I should say we had a bug collector dish thing. It broke this afternoon.) The boys have recruited their cousin Caleb to help collect caterpillars. Unfortunately caterpillars are not toddler-proof. They get squashed very easily.
Jason received a ball for his birthday. The ball has these spike things on it. Gavin is kinda afraid of it. I took a picture because it was too funny.
Matthew can now say a four to five word sentence all on his own. His first official sentence was "mom I want a cookie."
We have had such a crazy few days. I wanted to make sure I wrote on our blog before I forgot.


Lisa C said...

That's cute--the boys with the caterpillars. So great that Matthew is talking in sentences now!

Stephanie Grimwood said...

Thanks, Lisa. Too bad Caleb's and Matthew's were dead. I couldn't tell them until after I took the picture. I did not want them to cry until after.