Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blueberry time

Today the boys and I went blueberry picking. We had so much fun! Jason and Matthew love blueberries. They are easy for the two of them to pick. When we first arrived at the blueberry farm Matthew went crazy. He was so excited to get picking, well I should say eating. The worker at the farm instructed us that they wanted us to pick the Early blue ones. Well, I parked the car near some other variety hoping that Gavin could sleep a little bit while we picked near the ones they wanted us too. That plan ended when Jason hit Gavin in the head as he was getting out of the car and the worker told us that we had to pick from the bushes farther away. As the worker was talking to us Matthew was shoving the wrong variety of blueberries in his mouth. I think he had like ten in his mouth at one time. Jason and Matthew were good little pickers however, I think they ate more then they actually put in their little bowls (The picture was taken 15 minutes after we started). Gavin was a good little trooper until he saw the boys eating berries. He wanted some so bad. I tried giving him some without the skin. He was not happy.He wanted to reach out and get some too. I don't think he realizes he is only eight months old and he can't go from eating mush to eating things that are shaped like little balls. I finally had Jason feed him some Cheerios he was happy. We ended up picking 6 pounds of blueberries which cost us $6.00. I know that when Brian gets back we will have to go back and get more. Our family loves them and they freeze well.
I have to include this. While we were picking Matthew would run up the row and then run back down. As he was running back down he would grab a ton of berries from each bush and shove them in his mouth.It was so funny. He also kept picking green ones and eating them.

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ellie said...

Where and when did you pick. I thought I was supposed to watch Little Gavin while you went picking? Glad you guys had fun