Monday, June 15, 2009

Enjoying the nice weather

Couple weeks I took some picture of the boys. I thought I would post them here on our blog. I bought them a sprinkler toy. Jason really liked, Matthew took a while to adjust but he came around to it. For some reason we do not have swim shorts for Matthew, but underwear worked just fine.
Also, after looking high and low for a pair of sun glasses for Gavin. We finally found a pair. I thought it would be good because they had a little band thing on it so he would not take it off. Well, that lasted a minute. Crazy kid! Well enjoy how cute they look because after only having them for a week we lost them. So, we are on to another pair, but of course the weather has not been so sunny.
I also painted my toe nails and Matthew wanted his painted too. So, since Brian is not here there was not a problem . His toes looked so cute.

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Lisa C said...

Michael always takes his sunglasses off, too--except when he is in the sun. Smart kid.