Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fresh Strawberries

Anyone that is reading this 10 days left until the u-pick it strawberries will be ready. I can't wait. We love them and they make great jam.


ellie said...

Tell me when as I'm always out of radar:) I'll find out about Oaks park. I'm so excited!

John said...

Stephanie, I just got up-to-date on your boys and your family activities, WOW! The boys are growing so fast! It is fun to see and hear about their "adventures" have done a wonderful job with Brian gone so much of the time. I hope the days and weeks fly by until he is home.
Your bread looked delicious...could almost smell it! Love, Aunt Linda

Parker said...


Where are you living? I'm in Issaquah, WA now. Are we close?
Email me some info, please.