Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's HOT!

Ugh. I can't stand the heat. I hate the desert. Especially now... as the temperatures outside have consistently been over 100 lately. Whenever I get in the car I burn my hands on the steering wheel, and there aren't very many trees here to park under. And if that's not bad enough, Monday afternoon our air conditioner stopped working. Currently it's just me and my landlord living here, and as it turns out, he's been out of town for over a week, and won't be back until next Monday. I've told him about the A/C problem, but he can't get it fixed until he gets back (it's got something to do with pest control getting rid of our bees in the attic and making sure that's clear before the A/C repairman can go up there)... so basically, by the time things get cooler around here I will have survived an entire week in the Arizona desert without air conditioning! It's tolerable, but I will say it's not very conducive to studying. It's currently 97 degrees... inside the house! (So please, Stephanie, no more complaining about how hot it's getting in Oregon these days...) I've even tried cooling off by taking a cold shower a few times, but the problem with this is that we don't really have such a thing as cold water anymore, unless it comes out of the refrigerator. The good news is I've only got to endure two more weeks and then I'll be able to enjoy weather that is 30 degrees cooler!

UPDATE: The thermostat reading apparently maxes out at 99. My alarm clock has a built-in thermometer, and I have noticed it's usually a few degrees cooler in my bedroom (which is downstairs) than it is upstairs (which is where the thermostat is). Today after church I observed a new record temperature in my bedroom (93.6), but the thermostat upstairs was still at 99, same as it was yesterday, even though I expected it to be at least 100 up there. So I took my alarm clock upstairs to get a more accurate temperature, and this is what I saw: 102 degrees!

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Stephanie Grimwood said...

sorry honey. Well atleast you will be home soon