Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Fun!

Today so wonderful. The weather was nice and I was able to get many things done and spend quality time with my boys. Here are some fun things that we did today
  • After Jason's soccer game we came home to see a squirrel eating a peanut butter sandwich in our tree. I tried to take a picture of him he was so cute. Jason wanted me to make another sandwich for him. I let him know that one was enough.(besides I did not want to encourage feeding animals).
Jason looking up at the squirrel with binoculars that don't work. I guess we should
check on those glasses again.
  • Jason and I got to spend some quality time playing in our beautiful backyard. Sometimes it is hard to find time to play or explore with just the two of us. Usually during the week our alone time is spent working on homework. So, on Saturdays we work hard to have Jason and mom time. Here are some pictures we took of our wonderful garden.
This is my poor Marionberry plant. It has met the hands of Gavin one too many times.
My three blueberry bushes. They started out small but they are getting

We are getting ready to plant a couple of tomato and pepper plants. We tired doing the seed thing, but all this stink-en rain ruined them. And I forgot to make a couple of drainage wholes in the pots. We don't have a whole lot of space for a garden so I purchased some planters where else the Dollar Tree. Man I love that store! We want to teach the boys that it doesn't matter how much space you are given there is always room to grow your own veggies and fruit. One day we will have a larger space to grow until than we will grow in pots. If you look really close my
a few of my flowers met their doom at the hands of a one year old.

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