Saturday, May 8, 2010

My little readers

Recently, the little boys have taken a great interest in reading our cereal boxes during breakfast. After watching Jason always read them they have decided that they want to read them also. Jason, is not actually reading a box in the picture he spoke too late. So, he got one of his books instead. We do talk during breakfast, but the boys really enjoy reading the cereal boxes.
Today, while we were shopping at DI. We stopped by the book section. I was looking for a Judy Blume book for Jason. (they are always checked out at the library)I found, but Jason had already found a book he liked. Of course it was Star Wars novel. I let him know that their were no pictures and that the book was long. He told, "no problem, I will ready anyway".I think has to be for middle school kid. But, not for Jason he started reading it while we finished our shopping. I think he is ready for some Harry Potter books, if I could only find them. I am so proud of our little readers they inspire me to want to read more.


ellie said...

Are you reading twilight yet? I'm dying to know what you think

Brian Grimwood said...

You'd be impressed, Ellie. Stephanie reads that book every night now, ever since that one family dinner. And guess what? She likes it, too!

Holly Mayer said...

Jason can borrow my copies of Harry Potter, I bet he would really enjoy them. Such a smart boy!