Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ready or not Berries here come the Grimwood Boys!

Yesterday we went picking Boysenberries and blueberries with Grandma. The boys had a lot of fun running up and down the boysenberry rows. Jason and Matthew each thought they were helping mom pick the berries and put them in our bucket, but usually they would either eat the berry or if you were Matthew you contributed a leaf or a rock to our berry bucket. Matthew was so dirty after we were finished. The boys and I decided that we were going to pick some Blueberries also. Matthew loves blueberries, as soon as we arrived in the blueberry row he went crazy. He picked those blueberries and shoved as many as he could in his mouth. Did not matter if they were green or blue at first then after he realized that the green were not so tasty he just went for the blue. We ended up picking 6 pounds of boysenberries and 1 pound of blueberries. We will have to go and pick some more blueberries next week. We need enough for during the winter(they are so good frozen) and at 1.20/lb. you can't beat that! After next week we will be done paying for berries and will just pick the Blackberries in our backyard.
I added two pictures just because they turned out so well.

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Lisa C said...

When are you going berry picking? I wanna come!