Sunday, October 26, 2008

A day of rest

Today the boys and I enjoyed a nice relaxing day. I decided that we would skip church today and stay home and just relax. We had stake conference and I knew we would have to sit in those hard chairs in the back because you have to be there super early to get the soft ones. And I being 38 weeks pregnant was not even going to sit for two hours on hard chairs. Also, since Brian is in Arizona it would be just me taking care of the boys for two hours. We have a hard enough time just making it to the sacrament before we have to get up and leave. Anyways, I had a little lesson here for the boys and then we just relaxed the rest of the day.

Tomorrow we find out if I will need to be induced. Our baby is still really high and my doctor is worried that if we do not induce soon he could turn again and then we would be back to being breeched. At the starting of the pregnancy I was sure that they would induce me by the 37th week. But, here I am at 38 weeks and still going. I had Matthew at 37 weeks so I just thought that I would have this one at the same time too. My doctor has let me go a little farther then I thought. Now that I am almost completely term (really after 37 weeks the baby is considered to be full term) it has not been so bad. I was kinda looking forward to maybe going naturally into labor, but after carefully weighing my options I would rather be induced than to have him turn again and then have no other choice than to have a C-section. It is such a blessing to have these children in our family.


Holly Mayer said...

I will be praying extra for you this week. I hope baby Gavin behaves and come out the head first!

Linda said...

I will be with you to welcome another grandchild into this world!