Friday, January 9, 2009

Gavin is nine weeks old!

Gavin is getting so BIG! Yesterday we went to an appointment and the nurse told me that is 13 pounds. He such a chunk! Gavin is sleeping so well now sometimes it is scary. The last few nights he has woken up only twice. Gavin goes to bed by 9 and he wakes up to eat at 2 and then again around 5 which is when i need to start thinking about waking up. So you could say he is my alarm clock without a snooze button. He is doing so well at raising his head off the floor. He is our first to really enjoy tummy time. He loves to watch me vacuum the floors he will follow the light on the vacuum. Time just goes by so fast! I am working on enjoying every minute I have with our boys. Sometimes it is a little more stressed then others, but they are fun to be with.
I know it looks like he does not like tummy time here it is only because Matthew was climbing on him to get in the picture too. So here is Matthew too.

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ellie said...

he's so cute Stephanie. You are such a good mommy. May I borrow some of your patience? :)
Thank you so much for wanting to baby sit my angels:) You're the best. I love you