Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Posting at last

It has been way too long since I last blogged, so instead of writing a super long blog of what has happened in our family over the last few weeks. I have decided to give the Readers Digest version of the last month.
Last month we received over 18 inches of snow. Which is not too bad if you live in a place where they are ready for it. TOO bad Oregon City is not. So, we stayed in our house for almost two weeks only leaving for a couple of days when it was not snowing to get the things we needed. It's funny of all the important things a mom would need, I kept forgetting to buy more diapers for our baby. Thank goodness for our Grandpa and Uncle Josh. So, after 18 inches of snow you would think we were done oh no then came the ice storm which did not work too well with the trees around here. I am suppose to be making this short sorry. A tree fell on the power line and broke IT. So, we were without power for four days. It went out Sunday Dec. 21 morning and came back on late Wed. night. Yes Santa gave electricity for our Christmas present along with our daddy. We spent the four days at our Grandparents house in front of their fireplace trying to stay warm. We are so grateful for John (Grandpa) for working all day and night to keep the fire going so we would stay warm.
The boys and I went almost a whole week without a Shower it was so gross. Thanks to Ellie and Josh for letting us clean up at their place we were nice and clean for Christmas Eve.
We had a wonderful Christmas Brian was able to make it home on the 24th which was awesome. We had prayed he would, but we were no sure with all the bad weather. We spent Christmas Eve at Josh and Ellie's. Gavin was able to be blessed while Brian was here. It was so awesome because Gavin go to wear the same blessing outfit that Brian wore when he was a baby. The older boys loved hanging out with Brian. Well that is our Christmas break in a nut shell. We will always remember the Christmas we almost had no electricity, no showers, and no heat, but we had each other and that is truly what Christmas is all about.

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