Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Before we knew church was canceled.
The last few days the weather man has been telling us here in Oregon that it was going to snow. Well he was right! This morning as we were getting ready for church it started to snow. At first I thought it was just going to snow a little bit. So i continued to get the boys ready for church. After blow drying my hair. I decided to check and see if it was still snowing. Well, it was a whole lot of it. Thank goodness Linda saw us and told us that church had been canceled because it was snowing so bad. I have been told by some that it does not really snow in Portland. Well the last two winters we have been here there has been snow!
Jason and Matthew were very excited. Jason got undressed and put on his snow pants. So, I helped him get the rest of his snow stuff on. Then Matthew wanted to get on some snow stuff too. We really do not have anything for a toddler to play in the snow. So, we made use of what we do have and the two boys went outside to play in the snow. They really liked it more then I thought they would. They played outside for like an 45 minutes then when they were really cold they decided to come back inside. I have added some picture of our winter wonderland. Matthew helped sweep the snow off our deck. This is him sweeping the snow.


Andrea Fowler said...

We had the same weather on the 14th that you guys did, although ours was classified as a blizzard. And our church was cancelled as well.

John said...

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Brian made it home! Love seeing your pictures and hearing about the boys.
Love and hugs to all, Aunt Linda