Sunday, January 31, 2010

My hats

For christmas I purchased a loom to make hats. I am not a super crafty person. I am teaching myself how to knit. I made the little boys each a hat first. Since they are smaller I thought it would be easier and faster. I am still working on Jason's hat. The little boys and I went out shopping at our favorite store Target of course. It was kinda windy and cold that day so I decided this would be a good time for the boys to wear their new hats. Well, thank goodness for cameras. On our way to the car Gavin took off his hat and was swinging it around, before I knew it Matthew told me, "good bye Gavin's hat." Before I could do anything about it his hat was blowing away in the wind. Gavin was so happy he cannot stand wearing hats. So here is a picture of Gavin and Matthew with their blue hats.

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Lisa - edenwild said...

I really wanted to make Michael a hat this winter, but I just got distracted by Christmas stuff and then forgot about it! Not I'm not really in a crafty mood anymore, so maybe next year.