Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Three Year old

Today I, Matthew Grimwood, turned three years old. Time flies when you are having so much fun. My mom says I have grown up so much this year. Here are a few things that I have done or learned over the last twelve months:
  • I am 97% potty trained. I can go on my own and usually hold my pee in for the whole night, unless my mom gives me BIG drink of water before bed. Then, my older brother is very thankful that I wear nighttime pull-ups to bed. It took me a couple of days and a couple of accidents before I figured it all out. But with practice I am almost there. (My mom says I have a bladder of a camel)
  • I love to play legos with my brothers. Sometimes Gavin messes up my creations, but he is learning that I get mad when he does that. (my mom dressed us up all in the same colors she is so silly)
  • I know how to spell my own name. I also almost know how to spell Jason and Gavin. So far I know that my name has different letters then my brothers. Like I have a "h", and Jason has an "o". I also know that Gavin has an "i" and I have a "e". Pretty good for a three year old. (I knew this stuff before I was three)
  • I have gained five pounds in six months. High fives for me! Thanks Dr. Fridge for helping me get better. (for over a year I was unable to gain weight)
  • Taking naps has become hard for me when my big brother Jason is home. However, I am learning that naps are good even if Jason is home.
  • With help from my Mom, Dad, and Jason I have learned how to say prayers. If I had it my way I would always say the prayer, however I am learning that sharing is also nice.
  • In September my Mom read me the book, "Paci's are not forever". At first I did not like this book and I threw it across the room. But, after taking a time-out and realizing that throwing a book was not good. My Mom finished reading me the book and I realized that pacifiers are for babies.
  • With some help I can get dresses all by myself. Sometimes I need help because some shirts do not have tags on them and that confesses me.
  • I love to color and draw. I can draw wonderful pictures of guys. Sometimes, I have to explain to my parents more than twice what I have drawn. After a few minutes they always tell me "oh that is wonderful." I guess that means they know what I have drawn.


Lisa - edenwild said...

Happy birthday Matthew! I'm so glad you are getting healthier. Congratulations on your accomplishments this past year.

ellie said...

He is an adorable 3 year old. I'm so glad that him and Caleb are side by side on their skills as if they're boosting each other's ego or something. I'm pretty sure they will be great friends, although CAleb mentions Jason's name more than his other cousins:)