Friday, July 16, 2010


The last few days have gone by so fast. We have been a busy family. On tuesday I took the boys to Oaks Park. We had a ton of fun, up until we went on the balloon ride. Now I know why I always had Ellie take my boys on that ride. I tried with all my might to get the darn Balloon to stop going in circles it work some what but the damage was done. We stayed for the rest of our time, but I was never so happy to come home and take a nap. I had the worst headache ever. Thank goodness for some Tylenol.
After our nap Jason helped me make some edible play dough. It was a lot fun. We came up with some pretty neat colors. Even though we only played with it for like 20 minutes it was fun to make anyway. Jason let me know that he prefers the real stuff. Go figure!
On Thursday I took the boys to pick berries at our favorite Blueberry picking place in Canby. I forgot that it was way out there. The last time we went we were living in Oregon City. Oh, well thank goodness for a DVD player. (Ellie don't get mad we will still go picking with you guys when you get back we will need more). Picking blueberries with Gavin was very intersting. I knew it would be the easiest of all our the berries. He loves them. He went from bush to bush grabbing a ton of berries and shoving them all in his mouth at once. I am going to need more diapers. I gave all the boys a bucket to fill up. They really liked it. Jason surprised me and actually put more in his bowl than he ate. Well, I think. Matthew and Gavin just ate their little hearts out. I always feel bad and want to offer money to the farmers, but they never take it. We picked 8 pounds of berries, they will be gone before summer is over I know it.
After we went berry picking it was time for lunch. I wasn't sure if they would be hungry or not with all they had ate. They were of course. So, we stopped by Subway and had lunch. Gavin fell asleep in the car after like two minutes after we left the farm. So, he woke up in time for us to get ready to leave Subway and demanded he have some too. So, our lunch date that would have take like 20 minutes took over an hour. Just a side note lunch time is a bad time to eat at subway with three children. Then, we went to the Oregon City library and play at the water park. It was a long day, but very fun.

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Lisa C said...

Where do you go for blueberries? We've never done a U-pick (except for wild huckleberry hunting in the mountains). I'd love to do it. I'm sure Michael would love to eat them! lol That's so nice that the farmers don't care.