Friday, July 23, 2010

The Good and the Bad

Over the last few months we have added a new item to our bedtime routine. It is something I learned when I was in college. I forgot about it and recently read from my friend's blog about it. It is called "The good and the bad". Before the boys go to bed, I asked them, "okay tell me the good and the bad." So, Jason and Matthew tell me one good thing and one bad thing that has happened during the day. (sometimes they tell me more than just one, which is fine I usually only cut them off when we get to more than five or the other one is crying that they want to share too) Recently Gavin has joined the fun. He noticed it the whole two days he was sleeping with the older boys. Unfortunately he was sent packing back to the office. He is such a trouble maker, as long as he is by himself he will sleep otherwise it is playtime forever. So, the other day I put him in his crib and was getting ready to walk out when he started to scream. This is unusual for him unless he has a dirty diaper. So, I went back and kissed him goodnight after making sure he was clean. I started to walk out and he screamed again so I asked him, "tell me the good and the bad" he said something I am not sure what it was. I let him know I understood even if I didn't. Then he laid down and got his blanket and feel asleep. It was pretty cool . I love sharing these last moments with the boys checking up on their day. And they love it too, Jason and Matthew, (mainly Matthew) always fight over who is going to go first. And they will never go to sleep unless they get to say one good thing, we don't always have a bad thing. Which is okay, this has taught me that I should do the same thing with my Father in Heaven before I go to bed. He wants to know what has gone right and wasn't during my day.


meaningfulmothering said...

I think this is great! And so cute that even Gavin wants to do it. what a wonderful way to see what your boys are really thinking.

Stephanie Grimwood said...

Thanks Holly. It does help us check up on those who are not so vocal at telling us about their day or feelings (Jason) is not so good at it.