Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eight Years

Eight years ago today, our lives changed forever as we became "dad" and "mom". Today our dear sweet Jason turned 8. It is hard for us to believe how fast time has gone. We had a little family party for him this year. Instead of having a big party we decided that we would take him to the movie theater to watch Toy Story 3.
As the week has gone by I have thought about the many things Jason has done and learned over this last year. Here are a few of them.
  • At the starting of this year we were happy to have the return of our Dad. It was hard, having Dad gone, but we did it and Jason stayed strong.
  • In August we moved out of the Guest house into our own place, which means that you (Jason) got to have your own room again. Then, just a few months ago we got you and Matthew bunk beds and you totally love them.
  • Starting a new school was hard for you, leaving all your old friends in OC, but you have quickly made new ones and enjoyed your new school.
  • We are learning that playing Xbox is a privilege and not a right. Some days we forget and receive little reminders as we see our Jedi Dots diminishing and that we might not have earned enough to play on Friday.
  • You have realized that being "grounded" stinks.
  • After many trips to the Orthodontist and a retainer your overbite is getting so much better. I am glad we did not have to do braces yet.
  • We are thankful to the many opticians at Costco that have fixed our glasses. You are learning that you are not one of them. And we need to leave it to the professionals to fix our glasses when our little brother grabs them and rearranges them.
  • You are currently reading a 4th grade book, "Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing" and loving it.
  • Two weeks ago we finished our first indoor soccer experience. On your last game in the last second you scored your first goal.
  • Finally, you have gained your first testimony of the scriptures. Today while I was making your breakfast you told me, "Mom I have prayed and read (we have the kids version) The Book of Mormon and New Testament to know if these books are true. And God told me yes." I never want you to forget how you felt as you prayed this morning.

This has been a wonderful year and I am so excited for Jason to be baptized. can't wait to see what I will be writing about next year as you turns 9.

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Lisa C said...

Oh, Jason's testimony of the scriptures brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful that he will be baptized with this testimony. Happy birthday Jason, your aunt Lisa loves you!