Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Young Women of Walters Hill

Today was my last Sunday as Secretary in the Walters Hill Young Women. Next Sunday they are changing the ward boundaries and the Stake President has that the bishops do kinda blanket releasing of all callings. I am kinda sad, I just love the Young Women they are so awesome. I think serving in the Young Women's is the best calling. You get to know the girls so well and grow with them. This is my second time in YW's and I hope that I get to be in many more times. Each girl is so unique and special. They each bring with them different talents, needs and problems. But they have all one goal and that is to feel loved.
I learned so much from each of them. I got to know the Beehives due to the fact that I got to work with them in their class on Sunday. I also got to know the Laurels well, they were always wanting to talk to the adults. You know how it is when you are 16-18 those little Beehives and Mia Maids too sometime get on your last nerves. Especially when some of them are you sisters.
Well, I just want to write about a few of them and what they have taught me this year. All of the stories come from the Laurels and one Beehive.
Gabby is such a wonderful girl. She had a hard time coming to church all the time. Three years ago this month her Dad took her Mom's life then took his own. Dear Gabby found the bodies. Her mothers sister volunteered to take Gabby and her two brothers into her home. The Aunt is the awesome example of Christ like love. She is a single woman raising a teenager, a 11 year old that has severe ADHD and a 6 year old. It has been hard, but I never see her complain even today when the 11 year old was going crazy she seemed to keep her cool and he got to visit us today in Relief Society.(we were joined) One day I would love to see Gabby be baptized. I know she will her aunt is an awesome example for her, even if she can't see it right now.
Emily our over achiever. She has done the YW Personal Progress two times. She has the date circled on the calendar when she can go to Relief Society. She has had enough of the little girls.
Kelly is such a wonderful mom. She made mistake, but it has not kept her from being at church with her little Lucas every Sunday. She is an example to me of never giving up even when life gets hard. She will graduate in soon. She is planning on attending Nursing school in the fall while she raises her son and works at Dr. Allen's dentist office. She is also an awesome Nursery teacher to my two sons.
Last we have little Luet. I am so proud of her. Two weeks ago she said a prayer in public for the first time. We have been trying to get her to say a prayer in Beehives for a year. She did it and she is working hard despite the fact that her Mom had a brain aneurysm and was diagnosed with MS. Luet is currently living with a member of the ward while her mom recovers from surgery. I personally think it is the best thing for this little girl.
These are just a few of the wonderful examples of these brave, christ like young women in the Walters Hill Ward. I will never forget them. I hope that some of these girls will be in the new ward. If not I will always remember them along with the great leaders. I will talk about them later, because I love these sister so much too.


Lisa C said...

Another tear-jerker. Stephanie, you are making me cry!

I hope I can work in the Young Women program some day. Too bad you had to be released so soon.

ellie said...

I like this:) You're such a wonderful example yourself, Steph:) I'm sure those young women have gotten strengh from their equally aweaome leaders. Thank ou for taking good care of my little ones. I am aleays at ease when I go to work because I know that you treat them like your own. I love you.