Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Day of School

Today was Jason's last day of the Second grade. I am so proud of him and all he has learned and grown so much this year. He had a great teacher this year which helped a ton.
We are looking forward to a wonderful summer with some fun activities. Some of our activities will be yearly traditions that we do every year like, picking berries, going to different parks, and going to oaks park. However, I am very excited for some of the new things we have planned this year like going to the beach, taking a hike to mt. Hood, going to the children s museum and signing Jason and Matthew up for the summer reading program at the library (we have done this before but have forgotten about it). Jason will also be attending Cub Scout camp this summer. I am so happy and excited to start working with him on his scouting. I just hope summer will actually arrive here in Oregon so we can do theses fun things.
Another new thing that we are going to start today is our new summer chores. I will write about them tonight or tomorrow. I got a great idea from another mom on a blog and I am so excited to get started with it.

At the starting of this year

Last day of this year

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ellie said...

Can't wait to attend your Baptism Jason. Steph you have to tell me about these new Ideas, you got me soooo interested. Remember, we have park dates, berry picking and zoo trips together. Unless you're going with someone else of course:)