Friday, August 8, 2008

Ice cream!

Yesterday Matthew had his first ice cream cone. Matthew and Jason both loved it! I thought what Jason said was cute so I thought I would add it to our blog. Yesterday I asked Jason what was his favorite thing he had done he said, " playing at the pool and eating ice cream cones with my little brother, what else could be better." He is such a funny kid. He says the darnedest things sometimes. We love him and our younger son Matthew.
We feel so bless to have two wonderful boys and one more on the way. We love them so much.


Brian Grimwood said...

HILARIOUS! I love Matthew's face in that picture!

Lisa C said...

I love your little boys. Jason is a cutie and I love listening to all the random stuff he says. Matthew is so cute when he has a big goofey smile on his face!