Monday, August 25, 2008

Oregon State Fair

Well first of all I have to say that I writing this post at 9:15 which is a little late for me. So, I hope what I post will make sense. We had a wonderful weekend! On Saturday we went to the Oregon State Fair with Grandpa and our aunts, uncles and cousins. The boys had so much fun. They really liked looking at all the different animals at the fair. Brian and I took the boys last year to the County Fair. Matthew was really too young to enjoy it, but Jason had a lot of fun. This year we were able to all enjoy it. Matthew loved looking at the chickens. I think it is because he can actually say bird so every time I checked on him he'd say "bird" and I told him "yep those are birds". Jason went with Grandpa to the petting zoo. He saw a baby deer that he really liked. Which is kinda funny because we see deer almost everyday in our backyard. I guess just the fact that he actually got to pet one and not chase it away is what he liked. We are so glad that Grandpa was able to go with us to the fair. The boys and I had a wonderful time. I know that we would not have been able to enjoy ourselves as much, if Grandpa had not been there to help us out. He pushed the stroller almost the whole time we were at the fair which was so awesome. I am glad our boys are able to be so close to their grandparents. We look forward to my parent s moving up here so we can spend time with them too.

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Brian Grimwood said...

That sounds really exciting! Maybe next year I can go, too!